★ Aaren Elizabeth
ULL Ragin Cajun
I'm 20 and I've got it all figured out

I feel like such a failure
Why can’t I just have infinite knowledge on biology and chemistry 😔😔😔
Definitely failing three of my classes this semester

"All I wanted was to receive the love I gave.”
— 10 word story (via intensional)


What if you wake up one morning and you’re in bed with the love of your life and they have their arm around you and their snoring like a fucking ass hole, but you can’t help but to smile and you hear a baby crying and it finally hits you, you’ve made it.
you beat the demons inside you, the voices, the darkness.
I look forward to that, to knowing I made it.

"Pretending you’re still here keeps me sane.”
— Six word story (g.m)
"Can I call you? I miss the sound of your voice.”
— (via bodv)